3 Concrete Finishes To Get Rid Of Bland Concrete On The Exterior Of Your Home

23 August 2016
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The concrete around the exterior of your home can include things like the foundation walls, a concrete pavement for the driveway, paths, patios, and other features. This can be very dull and unattractive if it all has a plain grey finish. If you want your home to be more attractive, you may want to consider concrete finishes that change this, which can include stamped concrete, stucco coatings, and acid staining to transform the look of dull concrete. Here are some finishing solutions that you may want to consider to transform the look of dull concrete finishes around your home:

1. Stucco Coatings To Cover Unsightly Walls And Vertical Concrete

Stucco coatings can be used for many different renovations around your home. If you have unsightly brick or masonry, coating them with stucco can hide the look and make the problems disappear. They can also be used to revamp concrete foundations, retaining walls and vertical features like fences or other structures. With stucco, you can add color and a textured appearance to concrete surfaces for a more attractive look.

2. Acid Staining The Finishes Of Patios And Paths For A Unique Custom Finish

Acid staining can be a great solution for giving concrete a custom appearance. It can be done inside and outside your home. If you have a patio with a concrete surface, you may want to consider an acid stain to create the look of custom tile or stone, which can make this space more attractive. In addition to outdoor applications, concrete acid staining can also be a great solution for flooring inside your home in areas like basements where you want a more durable flooring solution.

3. Giving Drives And Paths A Stamped Concrete Finish For Texture And Appearance

Stamped concrete is another solution that you may want to consider for outdoors. This type of finish can be used in areas like driveways or for garden paths. It can be done with patterns that simulate brick, stone, and other materials. This can be especially good for areas like driveways, where the textured surface can prevent drainage problems and give more traction for cars.

The concrete features around your home do not have to have an unattractive dull finish. With some of these finishes, your home will have concrete with unique attractive appearances. If you are ready to start transforming the look of the concrete around your home, contact a concrete service, such as AAA Concrete Construction Inc, and talk with them about some of these solutions to give the exterior of your home a fresh new look.