Tips To Help You Remove Old Concrete From Your Yard

23 January 2019
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Concrete makes a great surface to support a garage, home foundation, patio, or another surface in your yard. But when the concrete is old and past its prime, it is beneficial to remove it and replace it with new material. When you decide to remove an old concrete slab in your yard, here are some options to consider during demolition and removal. Handle the Demolition One of the first issues you need to address with the removal of an old concrete slab is to demolition it so it is in manageable pieces to remove. Read More 

3 Signs That You Should Regrout the Tile in Your Bathroom

8 October 2018
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Even though the tile in your bathroom might look good for the most part, it may be showing some signs of age. As long as you don't have any cracked or damaged tiles, you should not have to replace the tile for quite some time—after all, it is durable. However, the tile might need to be regrouted at some point. These are some signs that it might be time to have this done. Read More 

How A Heaved Sidewalk Can Be Repaired

22 May 2018
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If there's a sidewalk or walkway on your property that has an uneven crack, it could be a serious tripping hazard. You wouldn't want someone to fall on the concrete and break a bone. Cracks that are level can be filled with patch material, but when one side of a crack is higher than the other, a different method is required. A concrete contractor can usually fix the problem without having to tear up the walkway. Read More 

Repainting Your Commercial Office? Here’s What You Need To Know To Select The Correct Paint Finish For Each Area Of Your Office

20 December 2017
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If you have decided to paint your office space, one of the considerations you will make with your commercial painting service is what types of paint finish to use in which areas. Finishes are graded based on the sheen of the paint; flat or matte finishes have a low sheen and disperse light whereas high-gloss paint reflects light similar to a mirror. In order to pick the correct finish for each area in your office, you'll have to determine how often you expect the interior walls to be stained based on the function of the area and the amount of traffic it receives. Read More 

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Gravel Driveway

27 October 2017
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Your driveway is an essential feature when it comes to the accessibility of your home. While the driveway plays a vital functional role, it also serves as an aesthetic element in your landscape as well. Maintaining your driveway's condition is important when it comes to preserving your home's curb appeal and accessibility. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your gravel driveway remains in good condition well into the future. Read More