Three Things You Need To Do Before Knocking Down A Wall In Your House

24 August 2016
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Removing an interior wall can connect two rooms to make your home seem more spacious and bring more light to the interior space. When you want to create an open floor plan in an area of your home by knocking down a wall, you need to plan carefully before you undertake the project. The amount of time and work involved in knocking down a wall depends on several factors. If you have never performed an interior demolition project before, the following guide can help you during the planning process so the project can go as seamlessly as possible.

Determine If There Is Anything Inside the Wall

When you knock down a wall, you may have to contend with structures such as HVAC ventilation, cables, wiring and plumbing fixtures. Some walls may even contain gas lines.

Make sure to inspect the wall for electrical outlets, vents and other devices. You should also examine your home's blueprints. All of the structures inside that wall will have to be relocated.

If you are unsure about the contents of the wall, make sure to consult with a plumber and electrician. The interior demolition contractor that you hire to knock down your wall will need the information you gather about what is inside the wall before they proceed.

Find Out If the Wall is a Support Beam

Knocking down a wall that is also a support beam will require more work to remove than a standard wall. A support beam wall is a structural load bearing part of your house that should not be removed as a DIY project. Consult with a structural engineer to determine if the wall you want to knock down is load bearing. Hire an interior demolition expert to knock the load bearing wall down.

If you try to remove a load bearing wall on your own, you may make your home structurally unsafe and do extensive damage. Professionals know how to keep the home structurally safe during a major renovation.

Research Local Building Codes About Home Renovations

Just because you are making an interior renovation does not mean that you are not beholden to municipal building codes. Some local governments have rules that govern how homeowners can alter a home's structure. As soon as you decide that you want to knock down a wall, make a call to the municipal planning department. There may be other restrictions you do not know about such as the placement of dumpsters used by contractors and noise limits for heavy duty equipment used during the renovation.