How You Can Use Ready Mix Concrete To Build A Magical Playground For Your Kids

3 October 2016
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Creating a playground for your kids can be fun, especially when you include elements of unusual design your kids won't find at other playgrounds. An enchanting playground is one your kids will spend hours playing in. Check out these ideas for using ready mix concrete to build a unique playground in your backyard.

Checkerboard Concrete Pattern Can Be Used For Many Imaginative Games

Pouring ready mix concrete into square forms placed in a checkerboard pattern is easy and doesn't take a lot of time. Once the concrete squares are dry, remove the forms and you have a checkerboard that can be used for hopscotch and giant checker games. You can make checker boards pieces out of foam board, cutting each one about the size of a dinner plate. Checkerboard squares made from concrete are great for sidewalk chalk designs as well. Your kids may come up with many games on their own that include the checkerboard pattern.

A Swimming Pool That Cannot Be Punctured             

If you are like many other parents, you may have spent a lot of money on inflatable pools at the beginning of each summer, only to end up tossing them into the trash by the end of summer because of punctures from toys. You can, however, dig an area up and use ready mix concrete to create a small pool perfect for your kids and it can never be punctured. Liners can be customized at many pool builder supply dealers. You can also add concrete benches around the pool so your kids will have a place to sit and rest after playing in the pool.

A Giant Sandbox Will Be More Fun

A traditional wooden sandbox is prone to rot and insects like termites. You create a large sandbox out of concrete that will last longer and can be as big or deep as you like. You can line a concrete sandbox with cushioning foam before placing a vinyl liner in it so your kids will always have a soft place to sit, even when they dig the sand out.  Your kids will enjoy a large sandbox for hours and hours.

Your kids will have a lot of fun playing on the playground you build for them and you never have to leave home. You can add a swing set, a see-saw and a slide for providing even more fun.  Having a playground in your backyard can be the perfect place for your kids after a long day at school.