Important Dos And Don'ts For Your New Asphalt Parking Lot

11 October 2016
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Now that your company's new asphalt parking lot has finally been installed, painted with marking paint, and is looking great, it is important that you take certain actions to keep it safe from damage and looking wonderful. To this end, follow these time-tested dos and don'ts to protect your business's investment:

Do wait for at least one full day before you let anyone drive or park on your new parking lot's surface. Driving even the lightest vehicle across your new asphalt before it has had time to properly cure will lead to low spots in the surface. If you often have heavy delivery trucks in your parking lot, then you should keep them out of the newly paved area for at least a couple of days to give the asphalt time to cure.

Don't ignore any low spots or cracks on your asphalt parking lot. If you discover any low spots or small cracks on the new asphalt's surface, then they need to be professionally repaired as soon as possible. Without repair, even small cracks or low spots can lead to expensive repairs later down the road.

Do place plywood under the tires of any heavy trucks or trailers that are parked on your parking lot for more than a few hours. The plywood will spread the weight of the vehicle or trailer over a larger area. This new distribution of weight will prevent the tires from sinking into and damaging the asphalt's surface.

Don't allow your landscaping sprinklers to repeatedly spray water on the asphalt. Over time, excess water on the parking lot's surface will lead to degraded asphalt and a failed base layer. A failed base layer underneath your asphalt's surface will lead to cracks and potholes that will require repair or they will continue to spread and damage the surface.

Do sweep and inspect your new parking lot at least once each month. During your inspection, check for any small cracks or other damage to the asphalt's surface. Even the smallest of cracks in asphalt can lead to water intrusion and major damage down the line. Sweeping is essential because it removes loose gravel that can cause cars to slide on the surface.

Don't apply any seal coating products on top of the asphalt parking lot for the first years after it has been installed. Sealing fresh asphalt is unnecessary and will damage the natural curing process.

Talk to your paving contractor, someone like Bill Mariotti Site Development Co Inc, for more tips.