Want to Make Your Landscaping Rock? Try Gravel!

14 October 2016
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Green lawns with a row of shrubberies is just fine for some homes, but are you ready for a change in your landscaping? One way of updating your lawn's look is to use gravel. If you thought gravel was just a bunch of tiny, gray rocks, think again. Today's gravel comes in all sizes and colors, and it can be absolutely stunning as part of a landscape design. Best of all, it's easily hauled onto your property by the professionals. Here are three head-turning ways to use gravel in your yard. 

Pair It with Beautiful Water

Pretty gravel makes an absolutely perfect backdrop to any type of water feature you build on your property. Whether you are considering the addition of a small pond, a fountain, or even a human-made creek, you can upgrade the look with a base of colorful gravel. 

Choose pretty stones that are bright enough to be seen underwater and then use them in and around your water feature. You can even use gravel to fill  a space underneath the seating so you can sit and enjoy the beauty of the water. 

Dress Up a French Drain or Creek Bed

French drains or creek beds are often used in landscaping to divert water from one particular location and move it to another. The problem is that these drains can be ugly and out of place. 

You can make your creek bed or French drain look like it's all part of your overall design by covering it with gravel in a neutral color. You can then make that French drain a border to a flower garden or even part of a walking path. 

Xeriscape Your World

Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that is designed to conserve water. Rocks and gravel are a huge part of a xeriscaped property because of the way they trap and hold water for longer periods of time. 

Designate an area of your yard for xeriscaping. You'll need enough gravel to completely cover the space. Choose an eye-catching white gravel for a brighter, more dramatic look, or use neutral tones to create a natural flow. Add flowers and green plants that use only a small amount of water. When you are finished, you will have a lovely lawn that is earth friendly as well as almost completely maintenance free. 

Gravel is the perfect choice when you want to add charm and elegance to your yard. Get your imagination rolling with these three uses for gravel, and you'll end up with the most envied lawn in the neighborhood. 

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