Fixes For Concrete Flooring Issues

17 October 2016
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Polished concrete flooring provides an attractive option that may not require the installation of additional flooring if you already have a good quality concrete slab subfloor. With minimal preparation, your concrete contractor can turn the subfloor into a beautiful surface. Even if the concrete slab isn't in perfect condition, the contractor may be able to work with it. Here are a few options for finishing out a less-than-perfect concrete slab subfloor.


Concrete isn't immune to stains. There may be stains on concrete from old carpet or tile adhesive, from pet accidents, or even from grease or oil spills. Many of the stains are only on the surface, such as adhesive stains. Your contractor can usually remove these either chemically or with sandblasting the area. Deeper stains that have soaked into the concrete will need to be disguised. This can be done by staining the entire concrete surface a color that is darker than the stain.

Pitting and cracks

Occasionally the carpet will come up to reveal pits or even cracks in the concrete subfloor. This damage doesn't necessarily indicate a foundation issue because it may have occurred after the slab was built but before the house was erected. Still, it isn't an attractive base for a new concrete floor. Your concrete contractor may offer to resurface the concrete for you. This means they will grind down the top surface slightly and then pour a thin veneer of fresh concrete over the top. Once this cures, the concrete surface will look like new.

Color variations

Slight color variations on a concrete surface are common. Some people embrace these variations as the unique character of the flooring. Others prefer a more consistent look. If you fall into the latter category, consider having the concrete acid-stained to a more consistent color overall. If you prefer the concrete look, choose the shade of gray that is darkest on the floors and stain the entire surface to match.


Much like visual stains, odors can also penetrate concrete. This is especially the case with pet urine. To battle this problem, your contractor will first polish the concrete and then they will apply several coats of sealers. These sealers will protect the shine and seal in any odor so you won't have to deal with it anymore.

For more help in handling some of the trouble areas with your concrete flooring, contact a commercial concrete contractor like Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corporation in your area.