Is Concrete Pumping Right For You? 3 Benefits That Say Yes

17 October 2016
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Concrete pumping isn't exactly a new phenomenon. However, for some reason, a number of contractors still overlook this method and stick with more traditional concrete application processes like concrete pouring. Don't make this mistake. There are a number of reasons you should consider concrete pumping for your project needs. Here are just some of them.  

Less Restrictions

With any construction site, access is always an issue. The harder it is to get equipment and materials to the site, the more complex the job and the longer it takes to complete the project, both of which can affect your bottom line. Concrete pumping comes along with less restrictions than other options, allowing you to easily overcome many limitations.

The lines that are used to pump the concrete can be designed in a number of different configurations, allowing them to navigate around tight spaces, such as between buildings and even over small waterways. With pumping, you can get access to concrete with fewer hassles.

Reduced Labor

With some traditional methods like concrete pouring, not only does it take a longer amount of time to complete this process, but you generally need a larger labor force. Similar to the above-mentioned concerns, this generally means higher operating costs. Concrete pumping eliminates many of the steps associated with concrete application.

While you still need personnel to oversee the application process, you can get by with a much smaller force and since application is faster with pumping, your team doesn't have to spend so much time focusing on this single process. They can instead use this freed up time to complete other parts of the project and help you meet your completion deadlines and possibly even finish ahead of schedule.

Greater Accuracy

It's not enough to simply complete a project. It's more important to complete a project with precision. Concrete pumping can aide you in this area. Compared to pouring methods, pumping can improve both the precision and quality of your concrete applications.

With pumping, the concrete is applied at a steady rate. The reason this is so important is that the more consistently the concrete is applied to a surface, the less the risk of lumping. A lumpy application most often means an uneven or rigid outcome. In addition to a better finished product, increased accuracy also helps minimize waste.

Don't overlook the potential concrete pumping has to help you complete your projects more efficiently. Contact a company like Masterlink Concrete Pumping to learn more.