Keeping Your Septic System Healthy Naturally

9 December 2016
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Keeping your septic tank healthy and clean is important to the function of the system. It is important to maintain a schedule for cleaning and be aware of what ends up in the tank. There are some chemicals and products that can damage the tank, the leach field and kill the bacteria in the tank that promotes the degradation of the waste.

Don't Flush Everything Down The Drain

Keep in mind that there are things that should not go down the drain to the septic system as they will damage it. Sanitary napkins, condoms, coffee grounds, oils, diapers, and course vegetables will all clog the system. They do not break down in the tank and will clog the system, resulting in needing to have the tank flushed out or in worst cases, replaced. Hot oils and grease can also cause problems when they cool as the solids can get stuck in the leaching system and keep the liquids from passing through correctly.

Additives and Chemical Cleaners

While there are a lot of chemical cleaners out there that promise to keep your septic system clean, they don't all work as advertised. In fact, some of them can actually damage the tank and leaching system. Avoid those types of cleaners and instead set up a schedule to have the tank pumped out several times a year to remove the solids from the bottom.

Minimize Water Usage

Using excessive amounts of water in your home and running it into the tank will fill the tank up and if the leaching system is slow to drain off the liquid, it could cause the system to overflow through the tank lid. The results will be a yard full of foul smelling water and materials that will need to be cleaned up. If the leach system is clogged, this will happen even with lower levels of water use so it important to keep unsuitable material out of the system.

Other Reasons For System Failures

There are some other reasons that the septic system can fail and while you may have control over them, you might not even know they are happening. Tree roots growing into the tank will damage the tank severally. If you notice roots growing toward the tank or leach system, cut them off before they get to the system. Heavy vehicles on the tank can also damage the tank so mark the area to keep vehicles off it as well. A few precautions and a little planning will keep your septic system running well for years.  Contact a contractor, like Southport Concrete Corp, for more help.