Consider Concrete For Your Floors

13 September 2017
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It is always hard to decide what type of flooring that you want for your home. There are so many different options that it can be very difficult to truly know what you want. A type of flooring that is often overlooked is concrete. Now, most of the time people think that concrete is just a good base for a floor, and while that is true, concrete is very versatile and can create a beautiful floor. Do not think of sidewalk concrete when you think of your floors. Here are a few reasons that concrete can make such a great floor.


When it comes to durability there is nothing that can beat concrete. In fact, highways and freeways are often built out of concrete because they are so durable. If concrete is durable enough for a freeway, then you can bet it can handle anything that you will throw at or on it. The reason that it is so durable is it is created out of a limestone aggregate and cement. The chemical reaction that takes place in the cement creates an extremely hard and durable material. 

Color Variety 

As mentioned earlier, you should not think gray when you think of a concrete floor. The truth is that you can mix in different colors in the concrete mix and turn the concrete almost any color that you wish. It is possible to partition the floor into different sections and have multiple colors for your floor. This can create a unique floor that speaks volumes of you and your style. The concrete can also be changed or enhanced in color by the type of finish that you put on it. Epoxy floor coatings are very common and a great way to finish off the concrete. 


The finish on the concrete can also be altered to give your home a lot of character and uniqueness. Most of the time you will see an outside concrete finished with a broom to give it a little bit of texture, but you can have the contractor use a stamping tool to give the concrete a specific finish. Some of the stamps can make your concrete floor look like tiles, stone, or even wood. When the concrete is still setting up the concrete contractor will use the stamp and create your floor for you. These are some of the most beautiful and affordable types of floors you will find. 

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