3 Signs That You Should Regrout the Tile in Your Bathroom

8 October 2018
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Even though the tile in your bathroom might look good for the most part, it may be showing some signs of age. As long as you don't have any cracked or damaged tiles, you should not have to replace the tile for quite some time—after all, it is durable. However, the tile might need to be regrouted at some point. These are some signs that it might be time to have this done.

1. The Grout is Starting to Crumble

One sign that your grout needs to be redone is if the grout is starting to crumble. This can happen if the grout is old or if it wasn't done properly when the tile was installed. Your tile can also begin to crumble if you have been too rough when cleaning it or if you have used the wrong cleaning products on it. Once the grout starts to crumble, having your tile regrouted is the best way to take care of the problem. Since it's already starting to crack and crumble, the process of removing the grout that is already there will be even easier for the contractor. Then, after it is removed, he or she can add fresh grout that should last for some time.

2. Your Grout is Discolored

Even if your grout isn't starting to crack and crumble just yet, it might still be time to have your bathroom tile regrouted. Over time, grout can become discolored. This might happen because of the age of your tile and grout. Cleaning supplies that you use on your grout can also cause discoloration. Using a sealer on top of your grout can protect it,  but the sealer can also cause it to become discolored. To make the tile in your bathroom look like new again, consider having it regrouted. Then, you won't have to worry about a discoloration issue any longer.

3. There's Been a Lot of Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

If you've had mold in your bathroom, such as if your bathroom flooded or if your bathroom ventilation system has not been working properly, then you might need to have your tile regrouted. You might have a hard time getting the mold off of the tile grout, but if you remove the grout, you can help get rid of mold spores and start over fresh with new grout. This is a great way to restore your bathroom after a mold problem.

If you think it might be time to regrout your bathroom, contact a company like Superior Grout for assistance.