How To Create A Staircase With A Concrete Slab In The Way

2 March 2020
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If your goal is to add a staircase to an existing building, you might need to cut through a concrete floor. This can be achieved through concrete slab sawing services. When done properly, you can cut through a concrete floor cleanly and without compromising the structural integrity of your building.

Contact a Structural Engineer

When you will be cutting through a floor, you'll want to have a structural engineer involved throughout the process. The engineer will ensure that you can maintain the building's current stability when cutting through the concrete to create the floor. The easiest time to create an opening for a floor is when you are constructing the building the first time because there are various design methods that can be used to accomplish this. 

Carefully Choose the Location of the Staircase

It's important to choose the right location for an opening to your stairway because the wrong location will lead to a substantial amount of renovation work. You will want to minimize how much of your building will be affected before you cut through the concrete slab. This requires an extensive understanding of the type of building you are working in. Reviewing the existing construction documents will provide you with an understanding of how the building was constructed.

Mark the Location

Before you cut through the floor, you will need to lay out the exact location of the staircase. Support the floor underneath using props that are placed against the ceiling on both sides where you are cutting through the floor. Then, you can begin cutting away the existing floor along the chalk line that you have drawn. 

Cut the Opening

Any joints that are crossing the new opening need to be cut away with a saw. You will then need to cut lumber that matches the size of the existing joists. Fit two boards into the open using 3-inch screws. You will then need to cut two more boards for the short ends of the opening. You can then remove the supporting structure underneath. 

Hire Slab Sawing Services

The best way to cut through the floor to build a staircase is to work with slab sawing services. Cutting through a floor can be very dangerous because the equipment that is used to do so is sharp enough to cut through the concrete floor. Also, the act of cutting through the floor can cause debris to fly up and potentially cause injuries.