Want To Build A Patio Off Your Home? Here's Why You Should Choose Concrete Over Wood

5 October 2020
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Are you interested in building a patio off your home? You may be considering a wooden patio – but there are plenty of reasons to think about choosing concrete instead. Here are a few important reasons to keep in mind:

Spend Less Time on Maintenance

Concrete is easier to take care of than wood is. It doesn't get moldy, it doesn't get scratched, and it doesn't fade in color like wood. A wood patio requires regular sanding, painting or staining, and mold remediation, which are things you don't typically have to worry about when dealing with a concrete patio. Sure, you may have to spray the concrete down with a hose every so often. But other than that, your concrete patio should stay naturally beautiful as time goes on without any real effort on your part.

Enjoy a Modern Look and Feel

Wood patios are traditional and look so. There's nothing wrong with a traditional look, but if your home features a modern design, a concrete patio might be a better choice. Concrete offers a modern, industrial look that won't take away from the details of your home but will complement the colors, materials, and details used to design your home. You can leave the concrete as-is or paint it to match the color of your home's paneling or trim just like you could with wood, which means that you won't sacrifice customization options.

Rely on a Longer Lifespan

Concrete isn't indestructible, but it does typically have a longer lifespan than wood does. If it isn't abused in some way, concrete doesn't need to be replaced or seriously repaired throughout its life. Wooden planks on a patio might warp or crack and need to be replaced as time goes on. You could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements to keep a wooden patio in good shape throughout the years. This is something you don't have to worry about with concrete.

Enjoy Extra Comfort

Standing on concrete is usually an enjoyable experience. The smooth surface is soothing to bare feet and won't give you splinters as a wooden patio could. Concrete is smooth, unlike wood that tends to feel rough as its ages. And it does not need any special care to keep the surface in good shape and safe for bare feet like wood might. You will not have to worry about kids or pets getting splinters when they play on the patio either.

For more information on concrete patios, reach out to a local concrete contractor.