4 Factors That Determine The Right Foundation Repair Method For Your Home

10 January 2022
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Foundation damage is something that needs to be repaired as quickly as possible since it affects the structure of your house. Have a foundation repair contractor assess the situation and recommend the type of repair that's most suitable. Foundations can be repaired in a number of ways, and these are some things a foundation repair contractor considers when choosing the best way to restore your home's foundation.

1. Whether Your Home Has A Slab Or Basement

Homes built on slabs and those built on basements can both suffer from foundation damage. However, repairs are usually approached in different ways. A slab can be raised by slab jacking. This involves pumping a polyurethane foam or cement slurry under the slab to raise and level it.

Piers can be used to raise the foundation of a basement. This involves using some method that places new metal or concrete piers under the foundation to raise the sunken area and to provide structural support.

2. How Much Room Is Available To Work

If your home is on a small lot or has a zero lot line, there may not be enough room for heavy equipment to maneuver. This might eliminate some methods of repair. Your foundation repair contractor still has options since some methods, such as using helical piers that are similar to huge screws, can be installed in tight spaces without the need for a large amount of excavation.

3. The Type Of Soil Under Your Home

Foundation repair contractors are familiar with how different types of soil affect the foundation of your home. They take this into account when deciding on the right foundation repair method. For example, sandy soil allows water to drain more readily when compared to clay soil. Clay soil is hard on foundations since it absorbs water and expands and then shrinks during a drought.

4. The Cost Of Foundation Repairs

Several factors affect the cost of foundation repairs. If only one method is suitable for your situation, then there may not be a way to lower costs. However, if there are multiple solutions, your foundation repair contractor may explain them all so you can choose the method that fits your financial situation.

The costs vary depending on the type of foundation you have. For instance, your foundation might be concrete, brick, stone, or wood. The costs for the method of repair varies too, with simple crack filling being the least expensive. The amount of repairs needed affects the price since your foundation might require several piers and each pier adds to the cost.

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