2 Types Of Repairs That May Help Level Out Your Older Home's Concrete Slab Foundation

27 February 2023
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If you live in an older house that does not have a basement, it may have been constructed during a time when concrete slab foundations were common in your area. Because these slab foundations are set directly on the ground, erosion and soil shifting can cause serious damage to the structure.

If you have noticed cracks on the exterior of the foundation and/or have noticed that your floors are no longer level, you may be getting ready to have a contractor inspect the foundation to see what can be done to fix it. After the inspection is completed, there are a couple of types of repairs that they may recommend to help fix and level out your older home's concrete slab foundation.

1. Slabjacking Involves Filling in Any Gaps in the Slab Foundation

One method the contractor may use to repair your old house's slab foundation is slabjacking. With this technique, the contractor will mix a special grout that they will use to fill in any gaps in the foundation's concrete.

Once the grout dries and cures, it will help to strengthen the areas in the concrete where crumbling, cracking, and chipping have left holes in the foundation. The grout also acts as an insulator to help keep drafts from coming up through the floors of your home.

2. Underpinning Reinforces the Foundation

Another type of repair the repair contractor may perform on your home's slab foundation is a method called underpinning. Even with a slab foundation, there is an area between it and the bottom of your home that is supported by wooden or concrete structures.

If these structures have deteriorated and are making your floors uneven, the contractor can install stronger, larger concrete piers. After these piers are in place and have cured, they can then remove the damaged support structures.

Depending on the type of damage your old house's slab foundation has sustained over the years, the contractor may opt to fix it using slabjacking, underpinning, or both. They may also need to completely replace some sections of the foundation if the damage in those areas is significant. If you have noticed structural damage and have found that the floors are uneven, contact a foundation repair contractor to have them conduct a full inspection so that they can develop a plan of action to fix your old home's concrete slab foundation.

For more information on foundation repair, contact a professional near you.