Good Uses For A Concrete Pumping Service

3 August 2023
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Modern construction equipment and techniques push the boundaries of what can be achieved in terms of speed, precision, and efficiency. One of the technological advancements that helped revolutionize the construction industry is concrete pumping. Concrete pumping services have replaced the way things used to be done, in which concrete was wheelbarrowed where needed or hoisted in buckets while using cranes. Concrete pumping services make the process of pouring concrete much easier, faster, and more precise. Concrete pumping has even opened up more possibilities when it comes to the caliber of structures that can be built. Concrete pumping services can offer so many advantages over traditional methods of laying concrete. This article will discuss some examples of when concrete pumping services can be the best way to go. 

You are doing a large construction job

If you've taken on a large construction job, know that the concrete phase can eat up a lot of your time and workload if you choose to do it the traditional way. In large construction projects where a substantial amount of concrete needs to be placed quickly, concrete pumping is an ideal solution. It will speed up the whole process and allow for a continuous flow of concrete, which reduces construction time and the risk of errors. 

There are limited access areas on a job

Some construction sites can have specific challenges that others may not have. If the job you're going to be working on happens to have limited access areas or tight spaces, then this can make it difficult to navigate the project areas with wheelbarrows and/or large buckets of concrete. Instead of doing things the hard way, you can opt to go with a concrete pumping service that allows the concrete to get pumped right where you need it. This can save a lot of time and manpower while also reducing the chances of the concrete curing at different times, which can lead to significant cracks in the finished project. 

A foundation slab is needed

When pouring a large foundation slab, such as those in commercial buildings or industrial facilities, it can take a very long time to manually move all of the cement that's needed. Also, this is a good way to very quickly tire out your crew. Instead of doing things the hard way, you can hire a concrete pumping service to come make quick work of the foundation for you. Not only will the foundation be pumped quickly, but there will even be more consistency in the concrete since it will all have come from the same batch. Now that you know more about the advantages of concrete pumping, you may find plenty of uses for this service in the future.

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